One Million Immigrants: Canada’s Hope for the Future


Known as one of the most welcoming nations on the face of the earth, Canada is yet to once again set a record in the global commitment to diversity as it sets to open its arms wider and embrace more hopeful immigrants in search of a new home and safe heaven.

The Liberals-led Federal Government recently unveiled a hallmark commitment to immigration and diversity, with a record target of welcoming nearly one million immigrants over the next three years. It’s no doubt been dubbed as “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history” – and for the next million to call Canada their home, a sure sign of hope for their future.

One Million Immigrants: a Grand Vision

Behind this grand vision is the Federal Government’s Economic Growth Advisory Council itself, who recommended raising immigration targets. Projecting an annual increase to 450,000 newcomers, levels are expected to peak in 2021, taking a gradual approach so as to ensure each increased wave of immigrants’ successful integration in their new homes.

At its core, the goal of the gradual approach to a million new immigrants by 2021 is to equip each newcomer with the right balance of tools and environments to succeed, once they settle here. That’s because the Federal Government acknowledges that bringing a newcomer to Canada is just half the job, and the smaller one at that.


Immigration, as Told by Numbers

With these new immigration highs set to unfold over the next three years, Canada is looking at 310,000 economic migrants, family reunifications, and refugee settlements in 2018 alone. These numbers are set to climb to 330,000 in 2019, then 340,000 in 2020.

YearNumber of Targeted Immigrants

2018 – 310,000

2019 – 330,000

2020 –340,000


Immigrants Hold Canada’s Hope for the Future

While indeed ambitious, these numbers serve a great goal for the future of the country. Canada is looking to welcome immigrants who hold the future of the country in their hands, as it looks to overturn the economic and societal impacts of a currently aging demographic. With five million Canadians set to retire in 2035, the government is set to mitigate the potential effects of this scenario on Canada’s economy well ahead of its onset. As more immigrants arrive, Canada hopes to ensure the country’s future, as well as support the increasing number of seniors and retirees.

With immigrants holding in their hands the future of Canada, their increased number and arrival in the next three years is set to fuel innovation and strengthen the economy, essentially allowing would-be retirees to pass on the torch of driving the country to success well before they begin the next phase of their lives. The Federal Government also rejects the divisive idea that newcomers drain Canada’s resources and become a burden on society; in contrast, the increased diversity and introduction of highly sought-after skills into the labor market is designed to fuel a strong economy, a diverse labor force, and a richer cultural exchange from all over the globe – lifestyle hallmarks Canada has always thrived on.


Calls for Welcoming More Immigrants

Overall, as Canadian society is poised for further growth and enrichment, various interest groups call for more immigrants to be welcomed in the country. In particular, the call for helping more refugees settle and be given the chance the turn the circumstances of their lives around has never been stronger.

As the country gears up to further embrace positive trends in immigration and settlement, the multi-year plan allows individual provinces and territories to be better equipped in opening their arms and presenting opportunities for work, health, and overall, an improved quality of life to newcomers. This long-term outlook on grooming the country’s most valuable resource – its own people – to hold its future in their hands allow for better informed plans pertaining to allocation of resources necessary for a productive fresh start.

As Canadians and immigrants from all over the world prepare for the onset of this historic plan beginning next year, the entire country is hopeful that the increased diversity will not only further color existing diverse communities; rather, drive innovation in technology to build stronger communities that inspire a better future for the generations to come, ready to take their place up here in the North.


Are you looking for a fresh start? With Canada set to open its arms wider and embrace one million immigrants, find your own place here up North! Start your immigration application today.