Student Life in Canada as Your Window to the World


As early as our youth, the value of having a good education was already instilled in us. The more we learned about the ways of the world, and how we can find the best use of our talents to help shape our lives and of those around us, the more paramount the value of education became.

Now with the pulls of globalization, there’s no denying that there’s nothing better than being backed with world-class education to gain more opportunities at living a better life. As the marketplace for skills and talents reach beyond borders, having the edge of studying and training at the world’s foremost institutions of higher learning is the surefire way to rise above the fray.

So where in the world should you travel to for this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

Head up north, and be part of the rich culture and diverse range of opportunities Canada offers! And here’s just why:


World-Renowned Schools and Universities

Canada is home to some of the top-ranking universities in the world, and it’s because the country tops the list of educational spending to invest in honing the skills and talents of Canadians and foreign nationals alike, who are the next generation’s leaders, inventors, experts – pretty much everyone who’s part of the future.

Known for their high academic standards and emphasis on research, Canadian universities, such as McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal, University of Waterloo, and many others offer cutting-edge and world-class education to Canadians and international students like you.

With a host of universities, research programs, facilities, and opportunities after schooling, more and more of the world’s best, brightest, and most eager are coming to live the best student life in Canada and set up shop for a bright future ahead here – just like you!


Scholarships and Grants

While it’s known that international education can cost a fortune, there are many scholarships and grants made available by the Federal and Provincial governments, as well as the universities themselves, making it easier to afford to live, study, work, and grow in this part of the world!

And if you think that finding these scholarships and grants is already daunting enough, on top of qualifying for them, think again. These assistance programs are actually in a searchable database run by the Canadian government – just one of the many testaments to the country’s commitment to accessible education for all.

When people think of studying abroad, top choices used to be the US or the UK – but heading further up north and coming to Canada instead is actually more rewarding. Schooling in Canada, along with living expenses and friendly work-study options make it easier and far more affordable to study here.


A True Melting Pot

Canada ranks high on the list of countries that’s now home to a growing number of immigrants and foreign nationals seeking their fate here, and that means every street and corner now teems with a rich blend of multicultural flavors and wonders. With a great majority of ethnic groups represented, and a government policy that specifically mandates diversity in all places and institutions, it’s no wonder that Canada is more than a safe haven for international students; rather, the diversity allows an enriching cultural experience that’s sure to educate you in the flavors of the world, in ways more than one.


Livin’ the Good Life

Consistently ranked by the United Nations and other organizations as one of the best places to live in the whole world, it’s no surprise that many foreigners, not just families and professionals, but a growing number of international students are coming to experience life in Canada for themselves. Canadians and foreigners, including aspiring international students like you are protected by the country’s commitment to diversity and freedom as well, creating a safe and conducive environment for learning, and reaching your full potential.

The beautiful scenery and natural splendor that abound in Canada’s parks, forests, mountains, lakes, and beaches don’t hurt either. Stressed and need to go on a study break? Just head outside and take a nice and refreshing walk among nature; and come back refreshed, easily acing the mid-term!


Welcome to the Real World

Canada continuously welcomes a growing number of internationally trained and sourced talent to join its labor force and ever-growing economy. If many doors can open for anyone coming to Canada and seeking their fate here, imagine just how many more opportunities and links you can leverage as an international grad of Canada’s universities!

With links to thousands of global collaboration agreements, and a strong research training, studying in Canada’s universities is guaranteed to lead to your big break after graduation. Want to know the stats? It’s been reported that over 90% of Canada’s alumni land their dream jobs in less than six months after graduation – that could easily be you up next!


Tech-Savvy Learning

Canada is a world leader in many aspects, and this includes the world of technology. Driven by tech-savvy advancements in telecommunications, medical devices, aerospace engineering, lasers, biotechnology, and natural sciences, among others, you can be assured that your education and training only rests on the best use of modern computers and information technology.

To support these tech-savvy advancements Canada was even the first country to connect its schools and libraries to the Internet through the SchoolNet program, paving the way for young minds to explore a wider breadth of information. There’s nothing like modern innovation to inspire learning, right?


Graduate to the Real World

When you study as an international student in Canada, you won’t have to leave the country after finishing your studies in order to apply for permanent residency and begin the rest of your life here. In fact, new laws state that some of the years you spent as an international student can now even count towards your application for citizenship. That’s less time you need to fully settle in the country, map out your future after graduation, and continue living the good life here up north.


Student-Friendly Visa Process

Think student visa is a nightmare to process, let alone live with? Think again, because Canada shatters just about every misconception, and exceeds your greatest expectations. Dedicated to an enriching student life and providing a safe and conducive environment for learning and growth, the country is definitely a top destination for international students.

With the government’s commitment to contributing to truly enriching learning experiences for international students, the country’s study permit system provides great accountability. These include ensuring active enrollment in schools; and friendly work permits to allow students to better assimilate to life in Canada, as well as gain valuable experience outside the classroom.

Thinking of taking learning to a higher level? Let student life in Canada be your window to the rest of the world! Apply for a student visa today, discover how your education and training in Canada’s top universities unlock your full potential. Call us at +1 604-917-0355 to take charge of your future today!