Top 10 Reasons to Call Canada Your New Home


Imagine if you got a second chance – a chance to start over and build the life you’ve always wanted to live, the kind movies and dreams come true are made of. Would you take it? Would you take a leap of faith and embark on this journey?

These are the exact questions anyone who has ever up and changed their lives to explore Canada and build a new life here answered – and answered well, for good reason, because here’s every single reason (and more) that should get you packing your bags and trekking off to the northern beauty of the Canucks.


1. Safe Haven


Teeming with beautiful scenery, natural wonders, safe spaces, art, and diverse culture, it’s no wonder that an ever-growing number of foreign nationals are taking their search for the finer things in life up north here in Canada. It also doesn’t hurt that the country has one of the lowest crime rates around the world, with violent crimes being extremely rare, and gun ownership as much as four times lower than that of our neighbors in the US.


2. A Premium on Education


Canada highly values education, and it certainly shows. The youth here have access to the best education and training, no matter what their background is. This is evident in how much the government spends on funding schools, ensuring that the students of today are equipped with the skills and talents that make them the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. It’s no surprise then that kids in Canada stay in school longer than in other countries, with their wide range of interests – from the arts all the way to the sciences – nurtured, resulting in a stable society that offers much opportunities for their skills and talents.


3. Colors and Cultures


Canada has always been lauded and celebrated as one of the countries with the most cultural diversity and safe spaces for expressing multicultural customs and traditions. It’s no wonder then that you won’t be able to walk along its busiest streets without hearing different languages spoken, or hear about cultural events celebrated by Canadians and foreign nationals alike on an annual basis. To its end, the Federal Government is committed to diverse representation, with a good portion of parliament now composed of immigrants themselves, ensuring a proper safeguarding of tolerance and multiculturalism at the heart of the country’s leadership.

Discrimination is actively fought, and many companies even seek to diversify its talent with many of the labor force infusing the workplace with their multicultural background. With this, the people of Canada are sure to welcome and embrace you with open arms, eager to learn about your culture, and allow you to best integrate very well in the country.


4. The Best of Modern Society


Canada is known as one of the most liberal and forward-thinking countries in the world, being a pioneer of civil rights when in other parts of the world, many values and freedoms we enjoy here are still suppressed and considered taboo. With zero tolerance to hate crimes and abuse that stem from discrimination, Canada has proven itself to be a safe and enriching space for marginalized sectors of the society to flourish and achieve their true potential.

As the first country outside of Europe to legalize same-sex marriage for instance, along with its commitment to cultural diversity, Canada is committed to promoting and protecting equality among all of its people, regardless of race, gender, religion, socioeconomic standing, and other societal factors that have since been at the root of discrimination in many parts of the world.


5. An Economy as Strong as its Labor Force


Many skilled professional come to Canada every year to be part of its globally-competitive international labor force, and its for good reason. With one of the world’s strongest banking systems, and thriving production, manufacturing, oil, and arts industries, it’s no surprise that many skilled immigrants flock to Canada and easily find themselves at home, with their skills allowing them to excel in the country’s strong market.

Along with this, Canada is also celebrated as having one of the best government subsidy programs in the world, with its people receiving benefits for health, education, and living expenses, especially for families with young children. As a result, Canadians and immigrants alike enjoy generally comfortable lives, and even travel the world freely.


6. Health is Wealth through Universal Healthcare


Thanks to a strong emphasis on healthy living, and healthcare that’s one of the most accessible in the world, Canadians are a strong and healthy people. Medical treatments are mostly free, owing to a responsible allocation of taxes collected by the government. In turn, this allows Canadians and immigrants to be healthy, always at the top of their game, and productive.

Each province is given a budget for health, to be administered locally to eligible residents, allowing Canadians access to some of the best staff, facilities, and treatments all over the world – at a cost they do not have to shell out of their own pockets, unlike in many other parts of the world.


7. Refreshingly Beautiful Scenery


Need a break or a quick getaway? You won’t have to drive so far, or catch a long flight for some R&R. Home to almost 10 million square kilometers of stunning countryside, as well as mountains, lakes, parks and destination-worthy beaches from coast to coast – dynamic, interesting, and refreshingly beautiful are all understatements when it comes to describing Canada’s rich scenery. There’s definitely something to do outdoors every season, from swimming, hiking barbecues, and camping in the spring and summer, to apple-picking, bonfires and awe-inspiring photography in the Fall, and skiing or relaxing in ice hotels in the winter!

It also doesn’t hurt that Canada is the world’s second largest country, so whether you’re enjoying the coast, or having the prairies as your everyday backdrop, you’ll definitely find a place to settle, grow, and call your own.


8. A Taste of the Flavors of the World


Be prepared to take your palate and appetite on an adventure when you come to Canada! With cultural diversity as its backdrop, it’s no surprise that everyone who comes here gets a taste of the whole world, as you’ll find just about every type of cuisine and flavor the world has to offer. It’s no wonder then that Canadians know how to eat, and have a hearty appetite for a diverse range of cuisines. And if you’re feeling homesick, well, you’ll be sure to find a taste of home just by walking down the street, or taking a trip to the local grocery store for some well-loved and familiar ingredients.


9. Good-Natured Fun, Eh!


Aside from their openness to diverse cultures and traditions, Canadians are known to be laidback, friendly, and easygoing. Even without familiar faces in the street, you’ll definitely feel at home and meet helpful strangers when you need directions, or even just to exchange greetings with to brighten up your day. Lots of Canadians have also made it big in the international scene, thanks to their people’s good sense of humor. Just don’t get them started on hockey – ‘cause that’s serious business!


10. Natural Wonders and Richness


Aside from banking, Canada owes a large part of its economic stability to the abundance of natural resources, such as oil and gas, gold, copper, iron ore, and uranium. With its sheer size, the country is also rich in agricultural fields that contribute to excellent farming and grazing, allowing Canada to even export substantial amounts of its products. On the fun side, these natural wonders also entice tourists on a regular basis, seeing elk, polar bears, whales, the Northern Lights, destination-worthy camping grounds, as well as vacation-hotspot lakes and beaches.


Canada’s wonders simply jump off the pages, so pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of the lifetime! Live the good life by coming to Canada, explore these wonders and more as you build a new and successful life. Call us at +1 604-917-0355 to start your immigration application today.