Choose Your Canada: Becoming a Provincial Nominee


In an economy as large, diverse, and constantly booming as Canada, it’s no wonder that the country is always looking for international talent and rich cultures from all over the world to come join its labor market, and build a life in the great Canuck. As one of the largest countries in the world, each part of Canada has its own culture, lifestyle, industries, and a sheer amount of opportunities waiting to be seized by eager and skilled people like yourself. And depending on where in Canada you find yourself, you will see that many laws and lifestyle norms vary across its provinces and territories, including the power to nominate skilled and sought-after immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Are you considering to move to Canada, and are in the process of assessing your best options for entry? Join the country’s growing labor force, and with your highly sought-after skills, become a provincial nominee – your first step in building a better life in this great country!

Who are Provincial Nominees?

With Canada’s Federal Government, many essential powers and functions have since been delegated to the provincial and territorial government levels, including the power to nominate immigrants to their locality through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

As a potential provincial nominee and immigrant, you must possess the education, skills, and work experience that can contribute the local economy of the province or territory nominating you, and with that, express your intent to reside there.

Each province and territory has its own streams, or immigration programs that may target certain groups and criteria for their PNP. This depends largely on what their local economy requires, and how it can continue to grow with the arrival of internationally-trained talents like yourself.

Ways to Become a Provincial Nominee

There are generally two types of streams a province can nominate you through, which are the Express and Non-Express Entry streams.

Under the Non-Express Entry stream, you will have to apply through a paper-based application process, and if the province or territory you applied to finds that you are eligible, they may nominate you. When this happens, you will need to send an application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

On the other hand, nomination under the Express Entry stream requires meeting the province’s or territory’s specific requirements, as well as the minimum criteria for the stream. This includes meeting the requirements of at least one of the immigration programs covered under the stream. Once you are deemed eligible, and are invited to apply for permanent residence, you will submit an online application to the IRCC.

Applying for the Provincial Nominee Program

When applying to live and work in a province or territory, you must first be nominated by either, and only then will you be able to apply to IRCC to become a permanent resident. Under the express entry stream, you will need to complete a corresponding profile that illustrated how you meet the minimum criteria for entry.

Your Next Steps

To ensure that you will be able to submit all required documents on time, and that you have enough time to place all your affairs in order before leaving, it’s important to take note of the processing timelines set out, and followed by the IRCC in processing your application under the paper-based process, in the case of applying to a non-express entry stream. As for the express entry, you will find that complete applications for permanent residence are processed within six months or less.

You can also take this time after applying to learn more about the new life you are about to have in Canada as a provincial nominee, as well as what to expect right when you arrive, and how you can successfully settle in during your first few days in your new home. There’s nothing like being prepared for a new life as you build one, so ease the transition prepared, and ready to take on life in your home Canadian province or territory.


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