Discover What Awaits in the Great Canuck through a Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to come to Canada and see what the famous ‘great canuck’ has to offer? There’s more than applying for a tourist visa, work permit, or immigration to come visit Canada, and experience life in the country. The federal government welcomes thousands of foreign individuals into the country every year through a Working Holiday Visa.

Looking for the next great adventure to take on, see the sights, and live the good life in Canada? Gain valuable international work experience while having the time of your life. Learn about the application process and qualifications for a Working Holiday Visa through the SWAP and International Experience Canada (IEC) programs here:

SWAP Program

Since 1975, SWAP Direct to Canada has been welcoming thousands of international youth into Canada through their work and travel programs, and partner organizations. Youth between the ages of 18 to 35 can travel to the country and live here to experience Canadian culture, while gaining international work experience.

SWAP helps youth every step of the way, as the organization allows aspiring youth access to resources that will help ensure they have the best time in the country. SWAP guides successful youth applicants in finding a job, traveling across the country to see its sights and fully experience its culture, and everything else in between – such as the day-to-day living concerns.

SWAP partners with numerous countries around the world, whose youth citizens who are interested in visiting Canada and experiencing life in the country can apply through the program. Alternatively, if your home country is not a SWAP partner, you can still apply directly to the program, or with the help of immigration services like ours.

International Experience Canada

Through International Experience Canada, you can visit the country and gain a complete experience of life on this side of the world, starting with a Working Holiday Visa. Here’s how you can apply to the program.

The IEC Program consists of a three-step application process. The first and most important is determining your eligibility to apply.  Before applying, make sure your country’s citizens are eligible to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. If your country is listed as a partner, you can submit your profile to the pool of candidates. When your application is accepted, you will receive a Letter of Invitation, which then allows you to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. You should note that the time it takes to issue Letters of Invitation varies from one country to another.

Information for Employers

Hundreds of companies across Canada are eager to meet and work with the skills and talents of international youth coming to Canada with a Working Holiday Visa. This is a great way to inspire diversity in your company and industry, while gaining access to unique skills and talents of international youth shaped by their experiences and rich cultural roots from all over the world.

Why Should I Apply for a Working Holiday Visa?

A Working Holiday Visa is a great opportunity to live in Canada and explore the country while gaining valuable experiences that will shape your youth, but potentially, your bright professional future as well, while you make memories that last a lifetime.

Are you still uncertain if the Working Holiday Visa is the best fit for you? It’s best to apply for a Working Holiday Visa if you are currently not employed, or have not received offers yet in your home country. If you’re thinking of coming to Canada for work, but do not want to be restricted by a sponsorship agreement with just a single employer, this visa will definitely allow you to explore your options as you build a professional portfolio all across the country. Your work experiences will also allow you to earn money for travel, without limiting your mobility across the country.

Can’t wait to discover this part of the world and gain valuable life experiences? To apply for a Working Holiday Visa, make sure that your country of citizenship is in agreement with Canada to allow you to apply for an IEC work permit. You must also check whether your application can be coursed through a Recognized Organization, and depending on your location, you can line up three travel and work experiences that may take you all across the country, and among different areas of interest you wish to explore.

Are you looking for a travel experience that won’t just take you to see the sights, but lets you live the life? Sign up for a total Canada experience when you apply for the SWAP or IEC programs with a Working Holiday Visa! Start your application by booking a consultation with us today, or call us at +1 604-917-0355 for more information.