Landing Better Prospects in Canada with the Improved Express Entry Visa

Landing Better Prospects in Canada with the Improved Express Entry Visa

Express entry visas are an alternative to bring to Canada your relatives whose sponsorship applications were not successful. Apart from which, Express Entry visas are also useful for the integration of skilled workers into the Canadian workforce, allowing newcomers to successfully leverage their skills in building a life in their new home, in the process helping strengthen and grow the country’s economy.

But even so, applying for Express Entry visas can still be competitive, requiring much preparation in order to be successful. To better facilitate the application process, the Federal Government began awarding additional points to candidates with siblings residing in the country, as well as to candidates with strong French language skills.

A Better Express Entry Visa Application Process

The immigration application for Canada is on a point system basis, awarding points to applications with skills that are in-demand in the country’s ever-growing economy, as well as towards an applicant’s desirable background.

In the improved Express Entry visa application, points will now be awarded to candidates with siblings already residing in Canada. This development is due to results in studies that illustrate how those already with family in the country integrate better into Canadian society as they begin building a new life in their new home.

Additionally, points will also be awarded to candidates who are able to demonstrate a proficiency for the French language, as Canada is proudly bilingual country in which many jobs rely on the use of both French and English – certainly a prized skill across many industries. Those granted an Express Visa will also no longer be required to register with Job Bank, while a new approach is introduced in ranking tied candidates in the Express Entry pool.

Specific Amendments as Stated in the Ministerial Instructions

The revised Express Entry Visa Program made the following specific changes to the application process and conditions candidates must meet:

  • Optional registration for the Job Bank
  • Comprehensive ranking points for applicants with siblings already residing in Canada, for which 15 points will be awarded, provided that said sibling is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident 18 years of age or older.

Apart from points awarded for family, comprehensive rankings points are now also awarded to applicants who demonstrate good proficiency for Canada’s national languages, English and French:

  • 15 points for scoring Level 7, or higher of the Niveaux de Compétence Linguistique Canadiens (NCLC) test that measures proficiency in all four language skills of French, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing; and
  • Another 15 points for scoring level 5 or higher in all four language skills in English, in addition to the above mentioned for French.

To resolve previously common concerns regarding ranking ties in the Express Entry Visa Program, a new approach is also to be adopted. While candidates will continue to be ranked according to their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, those whose scores are tied will be ranked based on the date and time they submitted their Express Entry profile.

The Ministerial Instructions were also modified to support certain clarifications, such as:

  • A Citizenship Officer cannot substitute their evaluation of whether a foreign national candidate meets the requirements to be eligible to receive an invitation;
  • The type of information that can be shared between the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and the specific provinces and territories that will host successful Express Entry Visa candidates are now clarified;
  • The description of the Comprehensive Ranking system is now simplified;
  • Specific instructions now detail the points a candidate can receive the CRS without a Labour Market Impact Assessment, and in addition to other criteria, candidates must have acquired at least one year of work experience in Canada for their employer specified in their LMIA exempt work permit, and who will also offer them a permanent position;
  • Recent regulatory changes specifying that candidates with certain qualifications can be issued a visa by competent federal authority are now reflected;
  • Redundancies in previous versions have been eliminated, along with correction of typographical errors and adjustment of punctuation.

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